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Q. Does the Complete Package include all five forms for $649 USD?

A. Yes. The Complete Package consists of all five templates, which make up SNOW-TRACTS.


Q. Can I use SNOW-TRACTS templates on commercial accounts?

A. Yes, we developed SNOW-TRACTS specifically for use on commercial snow and ice management accounts.  Examples: Large Commercial Parking Areas, Industrial Properties, Retail Malls & Shopping Centers, Retirement Communities, Corporate Office Buildings, Homeowners Associations, Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities, Sports Complexes, Private Subdivision Streets, etc.  These templates can be used on residential accounts with some modifications, but SNOW-TRACTS was not designed for residential accounts.  


Q. What type of service structure are the agreements included in SNOW-TRACTS?  Most of my commercial accounts are billed by the inch or hourly, so are these included in the Complete Package?

A. Yes. The Complete Package includes four service structures: Per Inch, Per event, Hourly, and Seasonal. 


Q. Is SNOW-TRACTS formatted and designed for use in Canada?

A. No, these documents are not designed for use in Canada.  We created SNOW-TRACTS specifically for use in the United States.  


Q. What is the On-Site Consultation Form?

A. SNOW-TRACTS On-Site Consultation Form is a simple one-page form for your sales representatives to use while meeting with potential clients on properties.  The design and format of this form follows field-by-field with all the other templates in our system to ensure the necessary specifications are documented.  This form is a must-have for on-site consultations when communicating completion times, levels of service, triggers, etc. with your clients. 


Q. What is the Quick Quotation Form?

A. SNOW-TRACTS Quick Quotation Form is a simple one-page quotation form to quickly present to your prospective clients in a clean, quick and simple format.  Since our Service Agreement template is a very detailed 7-8 pages, we found it helpful for our clients to review only the one-page quotation first.  This way, they can review the pricing very quickly without having to navigate through the service details while in the pricing phase.  A second major benefit is that it helps keep the 7-8 page service agreement out of the hands of your competitors.  We’ve all heard of that sneaky property manager who shares all their gathered snow proposals with their buddy contractor and none of us want that.


Q. What is the Service Agreement?

A. SNOW-TRACTS Service Agreement is our flagship template into which all of the other templates connect.  The service agreement is a 7-8 page template that begins with an introduction explaining what the agreement covers.  Next, there's the pricing page that breaks down each service bracket along with the applicable price.  The following two pages covers the completion times and all the service specifications and triggers that you and your client agreed upon.  The next two pages detail the terms and conditions.  Lastly there's the signature page with the payment terms.


Q. What is the Sub-Contractor Agreement?

A. SNOW-TRACTS Sub-Contractor Agreement is directly connected to our service agreement.  This template is used in two ways.  One way you can use it is as an agreement with your hourly subcontractors and it works great.  The primary use is for when you’re subcontracting an account out to another snow company 100%.  In other words, most larger snow contractors have accounts in certain areas of their city that they have other snow companies service for them.  You will use this template to pass along the exact completion times, specifications, and terms and conditions that you agreed upon with your client directly to the subcontractor.  No more verbal discussions to your subs about what the client wants or doesn’t want.  Your subcontractor will be legally tied into the account under the exact same specifications you are.  There will be no grey areas to dispute; it will all be in writing.


Q. What is the Change In Scope Form?

A. SNOW-TRACTS Change In Scope Form is the most critical form besides the service agreement.  This is the form you will use when your client calls you in the middle of the winter and says “Oh my gosh we’re getting way too many snow bills!  You’ve got to cut back service and only take care of our account after we get X amount inches of snow or ice.”  This is when you present your client with the Change in Scope Form that will show your client all the specifications they originally agreed upon and requires them to fill in what they want to change the specifications to.  Lastly, they must initial each one then agree that you’re not liable for any issues / accidents that arise because of these changes.     


Q. When I compare the purchase price of SNOW-TRACTS templates to other snow templates and snow business forms out there, they seem expensive.  I’ve looked at a couple other packages priced from $39.95 to $195.00 and one of them includes 80 business forms?

A. We are familiar with the other forms & templates you’re referring to.  What makes our system unique is we’ve come up with a process that ties together and covers all the little details about the service specifications to help protect your company.  Ours is a specialty system. No other template system out there includes everything that ours does.  With regards to pricing, how much is you and your staff's time worth per hour? $25, $50, or more per hour?  So for the price of 14 hours of your staff's time (on the low end), you can have our system.  When compared to an attorney’s hourly rate, our system costs the equivalent of about 3-4 hours of attorney’s rates.  How long would it take your attorney to create over 80 pages of templates for your snow business?  $649.00 is cheap for this system…(they would probably charge you close to that much for copies & printing)!    


Q. Why would I need SNOW-TRACTS if our company receives RFP’s (request for proposal’s) from our clients?  We just sign their contracts…

A. In some situations, we do too!  However, many snow contractors receive RFP’s and contract agreements from their accounts and potential accounts, but in most cases, this doesn’t make up 100% of their snow contracts.  So SNOW-TRACTS would still be very beneficial.


Q. Are bidding techniques and prices to charge on snow bids included?

A. NO. We specialize in this one system of (5) templates.  Our system helps you perfect the gathering of site / client specifications, the template to present your quote, your agreement with your subcontractors, and the very important form to present to your clients if they want to change the scope of your agreement mid-season.  However, if you’re looking to learn about how to price snow and ice services, there are many resources out there from the snow associations to help you create a winning bidding strategy.  


Q. Is this Software?

A. NO. These are templates in PDF and editable Word format. We provide templates that may be used in Office Productivity suites like Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat (PDF).


Q. How do I get the Templates?

A. First, you select the template package then complete the order in the shopping cart.  Once your payment is successfully processed, you will receive two emails within 5-10 minutes with a confirmation and the download link.  Make sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see the confirmation email in this timeframe.


Q. Why can't I open the Templates file downloaded?

A. The file(s) downloaded is in zip format, which allows us to reduce the file size and speed up downloading and combine multiple files into one download.  In order to open the templates within this file you first have to unzip the contents.


Q. How do I unzip the Templates?

A. In order to open the templates within a zipped file you first have to unzip the contents. If you’re having issues, follow the instructions below:

- Download Winzip - This is a free utility that allows you to unzip the file(s): www.winzip.com

- Double-click on the Zip file. (It should expand / unzip automatically)

- A file or folder with the same name (without the Zip) should appear.

- Save / Extract the contents of the Zip file to the desktop (or another location). When you do this, you will be copying the information from the Zip file to the computer. This will be your working copy of the data from the Zip file.

- Close the Zip file window. You may keep the Zip file or delete it.


Q. Do you mail out a CD or a USB Flash Drive to me?

A. No. The templates are delivered to you via email immediately after you complete your purchase and your payment is approved.  We do not mail anything to you. The templates are all electronically delivered, instantly!


Q. Can I edit text and even add my own images to the templates?

A. Absolutely.  We recommend tailoring each template to meet your exact business model and to include your company’s logo and branding throughout.  You will want to edit the way you price your services, etc. Each template is fully editable.


Q. Do you guarantee I will not have any legal issues if I use SNOW-TRACTS templates with my customers?

A. NO, we do not guarantee that. Our templates were created and are being offered for sale as a foundation of agreements for your snow business.  We always recommend having your attorney review the templates once you customize them for your business model.  Remember: you can have the best snow contract in the world, but if you fail to perform the services to the specification in the contract, you’re open to all kinds of legal issues.


Q. What am I allowed to do with these templates I’m purchasing without violating SNOW-TRACTS terms and conditions?

A. You can use them for your own business.  You may not re-sell these templates or share them with other snow business owners.  We do this to protect the value that our present clients get from using our templates, which keeps them one step ahead of their competitors.


Q. Do I have to open an account to make a purchase?

A. NO. SNOW-TRACTS requires no membership or lengthy account applications in order to make a purchase.


Q. Is my Credit Card transaction secure?

A. YES. Paying with Credit Card, your transactions are 100% Secure with Intuit Merchant Services, one of the largest, and safest online payment processors.


Q. What forms of payment does SNOW-TRACTS accept?

A. SNOW-TRACTS customers can pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.


Q. How do I know my payment was successful?

A. You will receive an email from Orders@TheSnowSystem.com within minutes of processing your order.  SNOW-TRACTS payment confirmation email will include your transaction reference, details, and product download details.  


Q. How will the charge appear on my credit card?

A. The charge will show up as iMarketGrab LLC.  This is the company that markets SNOW-TRACTS.


Q. I want to buy a product from SNOW-TRACTS, but I do not want to pay online. Can I send a check or money order to SNOW-TRACTS office?

A. No. SNOW-TRACTS accepts payments by credit/debit card through our secure payment-processing system only.


Q. I tried to purchase a product, but my credit card was declined. I know my card is good, so why did your system decline it?

A. We recommend contacting your credit card company first to determine if there is an issue with the provider that can be resolved.  If your credit card company denies declining any charge, then your card was declined by our risk management system.  This is a separate authorization system, so we cannot provide any information regarding the decline.  You may try using a different credit card or allowing 24-48 hours to lapse before making another attempt.  Unfortunately, SNOW-TRACTS cannot override any decline or process transactions manually.