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In an instant, all that you've put into your snow and ice management business and all that you've worked so hard for, can be taken from you with legal maneuvering that seems slicker than the ice which fuels most slip and fall incidents. You may call it fate or refer to yourself as a victim of circumstance, but what you really need is a comprehensive, knowledgeable, proactive system designed to protect your business and personal assets from winter property maintenance liabilities and the sharks that feed off them.

In the process, solid evidence through signed contracts and documented client changes to an originally agreed upon scope of work, builds in your favor. From initial entry of site data, to final solid contracts with clients and service providers, what you really need is finally here. It was created and developed as a result of a lawsuit that exposed inadequacies in previous snow contract templates. Ten of Thousands of dollars in legal fees and hundreds of management hours later, SNOW-TRACTS™ stands tall as a premium snow contract and documentation tool protecting you and your company with rock-solid evidence you gather as you grow your business.

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Snow Removal Plowing Service Agreement Contract Templates and Quotation Forms
Complete System

SNOW-TRACTS™ - COMPLETE SYSTEM PACKAGE is a snow industry contract and documentation package that is easily customizable to your market and company brand, covering everything from quoting to service and subcontractor agreements.